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Create prefilled replies and new mails with just one click.

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Save time

WunderText makes you more efficient. Reuse templates for faster mailing. Create replies just with a fingertip. No longer tip the same info again & again.

Your Second Brain

Have all your frequent used information in one place. Anything you need to write with accuracy and frequency is there in WunderText.

Cloud supported

Keep productive at work, at home and on the road. All your snippets are instantly available on all your devices. Syncing keeps your data consistent.

WunderText is a perfect time saver. I used to copy and paste most of my mails to send billing info or product offers. Now I can create new mails with just one click. Bravo.


Our customers often ask similar questions. By using WunderText I save a lot of my time. For most mails I can now just use the stock replies which I saved in WunderText. Great app!



Try it yourself. It is free.

Create your own templates

WunderText works completely within your Gmail. Use the Template Editor to add or change your email templates.

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Integrates directly into your Gmail app

Use WunderText on your mobile device. You can access WunderText directly within the official Gmail Android app (iOS support coming soon). Your templates will automatically be synced between your PC and mobile.

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Still Not Convinced?

Maybe this big ol' list of features will help!

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